Wastewater systems

Sewage and wastewater handling are some of the most complicated applications in a building due to the fact that the products must be able to handle solids, fibers, stringy material etc. No one understands that better than Xylem. As being the inventor of the submersible wastewater pump and with the longest experience of wastewater pumping in the industry, we are the true wastewater experts. Our solutions have evolved with experience gained and research done over more than five decades and represent the state of the art in today’s wastewater pumping. We offer reliable and efficient tailor made solutions for large building complexes, sewage handling with true non clog performance, pressurized sewage systems, garage dewatering

The Xylem offer for wastewater systems

Packaged systems

Complete, ready to install solutions with one or two pumps for indoor or underground installation.


Comprehensive range of submersible sewage pumps with self-cleaning technology or vortex impellers. Available in cast iron or stainless steel.

Grinder pumps that grind incoming matters to a fine slurry allowing the use of small pipe diameters.

Dewatering pumps for underground parking garages etc.

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