Hydrovar 5th generation variable speed pump controller

Xylem Hydrovar variable speed pump controller cutaway
×Easy to commission and to operate

  • Quick start-up menu allowing faster set-up
  • Larger LCD display with additional control parameters
  • 28 languages within the software
  • Pre-programmed parameter for standard motors

×Cooled by the pump motor fan

  • Large aluminum cooling fins ensure sufficient cooling of the Hydrovar
  • Air flow generated by the pump motor fan

×THDi filter embedded

  • Will extend the lifetime of equipment
  • No need for line reactor filters
  • Better quality of the grid power
  • Reduced heating of the cables

×Robust design

  • IP55 closure
  • Quality aluminum body

×Communication capabilities

  • BACnet and Modbus as standard
  • Wi-Fi card as an option

×Built in protection

  • Over/under voltage
  • Overcurrent/output short protection
  • Low water protection (by using pressure/flow/float switch)
  • Sensor failure
  • Motor over temperature
  • Inverter over temperature
  • Minimum threshold/conveyer limit

×Control offering

  • Multi-pump capability come as standard from 1-8 pumps
  • Constant pressure
  • Constant flow
  • System curve
  • Via an 4-20mA or 0-10V external signal
  • Automatic test and auto change over
  • Stops at zero demand
  • Integrated soft start/stop
  • Complete set of analog and digital input/output
  • Premium card allowing an additional 2 x inputs and 2 x outputs

×Additional features

  • HYDROVAR can be fitted on any standard IEC motor up to 22 kW.
  • Wall mounting kits are available on request (see accessories section)
  • No separate microprocessor is needed
  • No separate control panels are needed
  • No large pressure vessels are needed
  • No anti-con heaters are needed as these are built in as standard
  • Error logs and real time and date calendar

×Advanced motor control

  • Reduced heating of the motor
  • Extended lifetime of the motor due to built-in selectable software protection, motor PTC can be optional
  • Minimised drive losses

×Easy wiring access

• Separate wiring chamber with a dedicated cover • All internal electronic components are protected

Hydrovar; the intelligent variable speed pump controller

Hydrovar is the intelligent pump controller that matches the performance to the demand. The system consists of a variable speed drive, a control card, sensors, EMC filters and motor/system protection. There’s no need for an external control panel when using Hydrovar.

The Hydrovar is easily mounted directly on the motor of the pump and will fit on any standard IEC motor. This makes the Hydrovar an excellent choice for retrofitting and upgrading of fixed speed systems.

The Hydrovar HVL is available from 1,5 kW up to 22 kW in single or three phase.

Energy savings potential

A motor running at 80% of its maximum speed uses 48% less energy. With energy savings of up to 70% on partial loads alone, the typical investment payback period is less than two years depending on energy costs and pump operating times.

Xylem offer a neat tool to calculate the potential energy savings using a VSD. See the Energy Savings Calculator for more information and download.

System benefits

Hydrovar offers great pump system benefits such as

  • No risk for water hammer because of the built in soft start/stop
  • No need for bulky tanks
  • Lower noise from the pump because of lower speeds during operation
  • Less wear and less mechanical stress because of lower speed of the pumps during operation and no additional load in the starting moment because of the soft start feature

Easy to commission

The quick start up guide and logic menu system makes the Hydrovar easy to set up and operate. Advanced programming features allow optimizing the Hydrovar for almost any duty condition.

Models and data

Electrical data

Output frequency for all models:
15-70 Hz

Rated outputNominal input voltageModel
Max Input current (A)Efficiency Rated (%) typicalMax output current (A)
2.0151.5 kW208-240±10% (Single phase)A11,6 A94%7.5 A
2.0222.2 kW208-240±10% (Single phase)A15,1 A93,5%10 A
2.033 kW208-240±10% (Single phase)B22,3 A93,5%14,3 A
2.044 kW208-240±10% (Single phase)B27,6 A93,5%16,7 A
3.0151.5 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)A7 A96%7.5 A
3.0222.2 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)A9,1 A96%10 A
3.033 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)B13,3 A96%14,3 A
3.044 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)B16,5 A96%16,7 A
3.0555.5 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)B23,5 A96%24,2 A
3.0757.5 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)C29,6 A96%31 A
3.1111 kW208-240±10% (Three phase)C43,9 A96%44 A
4.0151.5 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)A3,9 A96%4.1 A
4.0222.2 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)A5,3 A96,5%5.7 A
4.033 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)A7,2 A96,5%7.3 A
4.044 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)A10,1 A96,5%10 A
4.0555.5 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)B12,8 A97%13,5 A
4.0757.5 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)B16,9 A97%17 A
4.1111 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)B24,2 A97%24 A
4.1515 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)C33,3 A97%32 A
4.18518.5 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)C38,1 A97%38 A
4.2222 kW380-460±15% (Three phase)C44,7 A97%44 A

Dimensions and weight

Model A

Xylem Hydrovar HVL size A dimensions

Weight: 5,6 kg


Model B

Xylem Hydrovar HVL size B dimensions

Weight: 10,5 kg


Model C

Xylem Hydrovar HVL size C dimensions

Weight: 15,6 kg

Hydrovar offers many possibilities to control a pump

  • Multi-pump capability come as standard. One Hydrovar can control up to 8 pumps if all fitted with Hydrovar. If the Hydrovar is used as master, it can control up to 5 fixed speed slave pumps.
  • Constant pressure. Keeps the system pressure at a constant level independent of the flow.
  • Constant flow. Keeps the flow constant independent of the pressure.
  • System curve. The pump performance follows the pump  system curve. This allows for the biggest energy savings.
  • Via an 4-20mA or 0-10V external signal.
  • Automatic test and auto change over between lead and lag pump
  • Stops at zero demand.
  • Integrated soft start/stop eliminating water hammer problems and reducing start current.
  • Complete set of analog and digital input/output
  • Premium card allowing an additional 2 x inputs and 2 x outputs

control-syst-curve control-const-flow Constant pressure control control-ext-signal

Hydrovar fulfills the product standard EN61000-3-2 for single phase and EN61000-3-12 for three phase


HYDROVAR comes with built in Total Harmonic Distortion current filters (THDi) to reduce harmonic interference. In most cases this is sufficient to avoid voltage pollution. Additional harmonic suppression may be required due to grid conditions or when multiple drives are installed.

Harmonics are associated with any load that uses a rectifier-based power supply such as radio or TV, computers and lighting ballasts – and other domestic white goods such as washing machines, microwaves and ovens which draw current in a non-sinusoidal fashion.

The level of harmonics reflected back to the supply network is usually regulated by the electricity supply utility. Harmonics are voltages and currents in the electrical system at frequencies that are multiples of the fundamental frequency.

Generally, the greater the amount of installed electronic power switching equipment on site, the greater degree of harmonic distortion. Put simply, harmonics reduce reliability, affect product quality and increase operating costs.


HYDROVAR fulfills the product standard EN61800-3:2004 + A1: 2012 under the 1st Environment which includes domestic premises and buildings/facilities which are directly connected to a low voltage (e.g. 230/400V) mains supply which also supplies buildings used for domestic purposes.

HYDROVAR Vector Control (HVC).

The HVC automatically and continuously adjusts the output frequency and voltage to optimize the motor operation over a broad range of speeds and loads. For variable torque pump applications, there is no need to de-rate the motor for any operational speed.
HVC is superior to the traditional PWM control schemes because:

  • The full rated motor voltage is provided at rated frequency.
  • The output current wave shape is an almost a perfect sine wave.

Automatically chooses motor control for the operating conditions:

  • The low speed switching pattern ensures reliable starts and smooth low speed operation.
  • The high speed switching pattern minimizes switching losses and maximizes drive efficiency. The HVC maximizes the performance and the efficiency of the system while minimized the heating of the motor which results in a longer life.

Automatic Motor Parameter Identification (AMPI).

AMPI is an algorithm to measure the electrical motor parameters on a motor at rest. This means that AMPI itself does not supply any torque. AMPI is useful when commissioning systems and optimising the adjustment of the frequency converter to the applied motor. Lowara 2 pole high efficiency IE3 50Hz surface motors have parameters already preset as default. This feature is particularly used where the default setting does not apply to the connected motor. The benefit of this feature is to maximize the control and efficiency of the HYDROVAR for any given standard asynchronous motor.

Motor thermal protection.

HYDROVAR has built in software thermal control (STC) so no need for fitting motor PTCs. The STC function is initialized at 1.125 x rated motor current and rated motor frequency. The STC function provides class 20 motor overload protection in accordance with the NEC. Motor thermal protection prevents the motor from overheating.

Five good reasons to retrofit a fixed speed pump or booster set with a Hydrovar pump controller

  1. Energy savings. A Hydrovar controlled pump will always match the performance to the demand. Compared to an unregulated system, HYDROVAR saves up to 70% of the energy consumption (as tested by TÜV Austria)
  2. Space saving. No need for a bulky tank or a separate control panel
  3. Increased life of the system components. Since the pumps run on lower speed most of the time, all components in the system are exposed to less mechanical stress which prolong their life and reduce maintenance costs.
  4. Lower start current. The soft start function reduces the start and in-rush current significantly by ramping up the speed slowly
  5. No water hammer. The soft start/stop function eliminates water hammer issues.

The Hydrovar is motor mounted and fits on any standard IEC motor from 1,5 kW up to 22 kW. This makes the retrofitting very simple. The Hydrovar sits directly onto the pump and utilizes the cool air emitted from the pump motor fan vent to prevent overheating. This means that there is no need for an additional cooling unit. The Hydrovar is fixed to the motor with clamps and the fixings are located on the outer casing, so no need to remove the casing. Wire the units together and start up the Hydrovar. The quick start guide will take you through the set up and after setting the parameters, the Hydrovar will start to save energy and your system components.


Backward compatibility in multipump applications

The 5th Generation HYDROVAR – HVL is backward compatible only with current 4th Gen. HYDROVAR HV2.015-4.220 MASTER models. For further information about backward compatibility, please see the installation and operations manual.

hvl-cooling-fins_442hvl-motormount_439Hydrovar HVL easy wiringHydrovar HVL easy start up


Accessories specially developed to fit the Hydrovar HVL

Hydrovar Premium cardPremium card Hydrovar, providing additional analog and digital in/outputs allowing to control up to 5 fixed speed pumps

Hydrovar HVL Wi-Fi cardWi-Fi card, makes it possible to monitor the Hydrovar and read data via a laptop, tablet or a smartphone

Hydrovar wall mounting kitWall mounting kit with a built in fan for optimal cooling of the Hydrovar.

hydrovar motor cable kitMotor cable kits. Kits containing all necessary motor cables of correct length.

The Next Generation Hydrovar

Get an overview of the new HYDROVAR by watching the two-minute animated video.

The 5th Generation of Hydrovar

Welcome to the 5th generation of Hydrovar from Xylem. Setting a new standard in intelligent control of centrifugal pumps.