ecocirc XL and XLplus

×The Brain

Maximum flexibility, security, and control

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×Chilled water no problems

The electronics are separated from the pump to prevent condensation problems when pumping chilled liquids.


Two analogue inputs for 4-20mA and 0-10V signals and one temperature probe.


The built in dry run protection stops the pump and prevents damage if it runs without water.

×Keep it hot

A moulded insulation shell keeps the temperature of the pumped liquid (and the surroundings) where it should be.

×Visible in dark plant rooms

Clear display with large figures and symbols makes it easy to read the values, even in the dark.

×Low cost of operation

Your operation costs are kept to a minimum thanks to a high efficiency ECM motor and hydraulics.

×Easy to operate

With only four logically placed buttons, it’s easy to set up and operate the new ecocirc XL.


The Lowara ecocirc XL and XLplus – single and twin head high efficiency circulators in cast iron, stainless steel or bronze for hot and cold HVAC applications

At Xylem we believe in products that do their job when expected and are easy to install, commission, operate and service. When it comes to circulators, that means: high efficiency, robust design and high precision manufacturing as well as well thought through controls and communication. A product for many years of trouble free operation. This is exactly what the ecocirc XL and XLplus will offer.

The ecocirc XL and XLplus range offer full hydraulic coverage with only 34 sizes, making the selection process easy.

The main features are:

  • Different operation modes, including differential and proportional pressure, differential temperature, automatic night set back
  • Communication capabilities, including WiFi, Modbus and Bacnet
  • Quick installation and start up with few steps (watch the videos to see how simple it is under the “Installation and set up” tab)

Benefit from full performance coverage with only a few models.

With a temperature range from -10°C to +110°C, the standard ecocirc XL and XLplus fits in both hot and cold water systems, including tap hot water, geothermal and solar systems.
The selection process is easier, it’s easier to standardize in a building and replacement pumps are always in stock.

Single head pump performance


Twin head pump performance

Paralell duty


Single head duty





There’s always an exact match to your needs.

ModelConnectionPort to port[mm]PN 6/10Twin headPump housing material
Cast ironStainless steel
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 25-40G 1 ½180XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 25-60G 1 ½180XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 25-80G 1 ½180XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 25-100G 1 ½180XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-40G 2180XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-60G 2180XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-80G 2180XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-100G 2180XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-80 FDN 32220XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-100 FDN 32220XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 32-120 FDN 32220XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 40-80 FDN 40220XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 40-100 FDN 40220XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 40-120 FDN 40250XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 40-150 FDN 40250XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 40-180 FDN 40250XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 50-80 FDN 50280XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 50-100 FDN 50240XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 50-120 FDN 50280XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 50-150 FDN 50280XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 50-180 FDN 50280XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 65-80 FDN 65340XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 65-120 FDN 65340XXXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 65-150 FDN 65340XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 65-180 FDN 65340XX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 80-120 FDN 80360XXX
ecocirc XL/ XLplus 100-120 FDN 100360XX

Two Versions


ecocirc XL

ecocirc XLplus

The stand-alone version without communication capabilities. The full featured version including built in Wi-Fi and communication protocols for BMS systems.  
 ecocirc XLecocirc XLplus
Control Modes
Proportional PressureXX
Constant PressureXX
Constant SpeedXX
Constant temperatureX
Automatic Night Set BackXX
Readings and settings on the pump
Control panel and displayXX
Operating statusXX
Warning and alarmXX
Errors and work log historyX
Dry run protectionXX
Readings and settings on the pump
2 x Analogue inputs (0-10V / 4-20mA)XX
1 x Aux temperature sensorX
1 x start/stop digital inputXX
1 x signaling digital outputXX
Two pump operation
Communication between two pumpsX
Alternating operationX
Backup operationX
Cascade operation (constant speed)XX
Communication and Monitoring
Communication with BMSX
Communication with PC/LaptopX
Wi-Fi module for wireless communicationX


Eventually old pumps need to be replaced. With the new high efficiency ecocirc range, it pays back to replace a 5 year old pump fixed speed pump already today. The difference in efficiency makes the investment profitable already after two years (depending on operation time).

Take a look on our videos, the quick way to learn how Lowara ecocirc XL makes your life easier

Lowara ecocirc XL – Exactly what you need from a circulator

Don’t make things more complicated than they have to be. As an installer you probably appreciate a range of circulators that cover the applications you know with only the features you need.

Italian – Lowara ecocirc XL – Exactly what you need from a circulator

Planning becomes quick and easy using Lowara ecocirc.

Selection tools for your ecocirc XL here

Installation and set up videos.

These videos show how simple it is to install and commission the Lowara ecocirc XL and XLplus circulators. Please consult the instruction manual for full information including safety.

Quick start guide to installation and set up of the Lowara ecocirc XL and ecocirc XLplus

How to program the ecocirc XL

How to install the twin head version

How to connect the WiFi card