Lowara at Hermes Park Carrefour, the biggest mall in the Balkans

Application: Commercial Building

Hermes Park Carrefour, a modern and high luxurious building constructed by the Greek company GEK- TERNA, is now one of the highlights spots in the commercial and social life of Sofia in Bulgaria. The Hermes Park Carrefour is one of the largest shopping centres in the Balkans, developed on a building plot of 45.000 sq.m., with a total cover area of 242.000 sq.m. The commercial development includes a shopping mall 99.000 sq.m, office space 70.000 sq.m., underground and outdoor parking spaces around 73.000 sq.m.. Hermes Park completed in January 2010 after 27 months of construction.

The choice of suppliers was based strictly into techno-economic criteria. IDATOR SA, the exclusive distributor of Lowara in Greece, honored the procurement of pumping equipment for heating, cooling, air conditioning, water supply, waste water and fire fighting of this remarkable superstructure. Lowara through the Building services teams of the Greek and the Bulgarian Distributors offered continuous support in the project.

The HVAC of the building includes 148 in line and end suction centrifugal pumps Series FC, FH, LS ( the FC, FH and LS ranges are discontinued and replaced with the new e-LNE and e-NSC ranges) with the 85% controlled by variable speed frequency converters series Hydrovar®. The sewage network includes 23 stations equipped with DLG series macerator pump and 4 lifting stations, Sekamatik type of Xylem Water Solutions Austria. The water supply of the building is served by a five-pump booster set with multistage pumps SV46 series controlled by frequency converters Series Hydrovar®, a dual pump booster set with SV16 series and 10 smaller pumps SH, FC and TLC series. (the SH, FC and TLC ranges are discontinued and replaced with the new e-SH, e-NSC and ecocirc XL) The fire fighting system was implemented with the use of 7 booster sets Series GEN EN 12845, which are certified according to the requirements set by the latest European standard in firefighting EN 12845 Fixed firefighting systems – Automatic sprinkler systems – Design, Installation and maintenance.

Efstratiadis George, MD of IDATOR SA, commended that “Hermes Park is a great example of how catalytic, the combined power of Xylem, can be! Two plants (Lowara and Xylem Water Solutions Austria) and two Official Distributors (Idator from Greece and Aquastart from Bulgaria) made the difference against the approach of our competitors. All of us wanted the same thing: to win the project, to install the pumps, to make all involved parties (owner, contractor, consultant) understand that, no matter what, we are near to wherever they want us to be (Sofia or Athens), speaking their native language, ready to cover their needs. It was a great experience for everybody inside the Xylem family and I hope ‘Hermes Park’ to be a good example to follow for gaining further International Projects. I specially thank Petia Russinova (MD of Aquastart) George Stathoulias (Building Services Sales Engineer of Idator) and Ugo Baldieri (Xylem Area Manager) for their excellent collaboration through-out this project”

TERNA is really grateful to IDATOR for their fruitful collaboration for the procurement of all pumps of the project, as well as Aquastart for their technical support whenever requested by the site engineers. Lowara was praised for their professional support in order for TERNA to hand over this complicated project of such a size to its Owners successfully. TERNA commented that they are looking forward in continuing this fruitful collaboration in the future, appreciating such best efforts.

Lowara products contribute to the energy efficiency of the building.
The total installed capacity is 2.37 MW and the choice of Hydrovar® frequency converters combined with the high efficiency class motors PLM, making the system energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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