Xylem debuts ultra efficient line of Bell & Gossett pumps for HVAC and plumbing systems

Renowned Series e-1510 gets upgrades, launches at 2014 AHR Expo

BG-Series-e-1510-End-Suction-Base-Mounted-Pump-with-i-Alert-side-view-1 copyXylem’s Bell & Gossett® brand Series e-1510 single stage end suction centrifugal pumps launched today at the 2014 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) – the world’s largest HVACR event. Xylem Inc., a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, has redesigned the complete line of its best-in-class 1510 pump – now called the e-1510 – to provide the highest overall efficiency in the end-suction market for HVAC and plumbing applications. With the largest Efficiency Island compared to other similar pumps, the e-1510 reduces electricity consumption, improves overall system performance and lowers life cycle costs.

This new and extensive efficiency profile enables users to maintain significantly higher levels of efficiency over a much wider range of operating conditions. The Series e-1510’s dramatic improvement in efficiency is the result of cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design technology, deep hydraulic engineering expertise, and Xylem’s comprehensive knowledge of HVAC and plumbing applications.

“Our broad Efficiency Island is Xylem’s answer to our customers’ – and the industry’s – need for a novel approach to water and energy efficiency in commercial buildings,” said Mark Handzel, vice president, Product Regulatory Affairs and director, HVAC & Commercial Buildings Business Unit, Xylem. “The Series e-1510 demonstrates that we continue to be committed to providing system solutions that reduce our customer’s overall cost of ownership – energy and operational costs, as well as environmental savings.”

To simplify equipment upgrades, Bell & Gossett’s Series e-1510 offers backward dimensional interchangeability for easy retrofit installations. The product line also helps system designers comply with the ASHRAE 90.1 standard by improving system energy efficiency compared to older products.  

“Market forces, including rapid changes in building codes and regulations, are driving significant increases in demand for building efficiency, making total system sustainability a top priority for our customers, said Handzel. “The e-1510 addresses these market forces with a reinvented approach to energy efficiency to maximize operational performance, cost savings and environmental benefits.”

The Series e-1510 is available in 26 sizes and a variety of configuration options that enables customization and flexibility to fit a broad range of operating conditions. Stainless steel impellers reduce corrosion or degradation potential from varying water quality, and provide improved surface characteristics for enhanced sustainable hydraulic performance. These optimized hydraulics contribute to further efficiency for both fixed and variable speed operation. True back pullout capability supports low maintenance and service costs.

To generate additional efficiencies during the selection process, Xylem has a wide range of tools for effective system sizing and selection, including the Bell & Gossett ESP-System Syzer® software or mobile application for smartphones.

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